5 Computer Security Threats – Tips To Protect Your PC From Them

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There are certain computer security theft programs that get installed in the system without your knowledge and consent.

Why pop-up ads are erratically displayed in the web page?

How about your home page or start page changing every time?

Why do the search results suddenly change and why is the computer dialing out?

Are there chances for you to be a victim of hijackers, keyloggers, adware, spyware and dialers?

Terms Defined

Let us know about the basics of the computer security threats:

1. Hijackers – They are also called hijackware. These are Malware that alter your browser settings. It will take you to the site that you have not asked for. These will help you detect them. The re-direction is an annoying effect of this software. They are often the search pages and start pages for those who pay for their service. This software can slow down the performance of the system and there are chances for the browser to crash.

2. Keyloggers – They are also called as keystroke loggers. The strokes in the keyboard are recorded and later these are reported to the intruders who own the software. The commercial type of keyloggers is used by companies for monitoring purpose. For example, they are used to monitor corporate spies or employee resource use. They are also used by certain people to spy on the bosses and co-workers.

3. Adware – This software plays advertisements or pops out ads every time you open a website. These are not the usual ones you find in a webpage. They pop-up erratically and annoy the user. This way you can detect them. Sometimes even voice messages are received. They are intricately connected to that website but they are the adware program. Clicking on them might install spyware in your system.

4. Spyware – These are programs that get installed in the computer while downloading or even visiting certain websites. They are infectious and once it enters the system it starts tracking all your activity in the including you confidential matters, friends and even passwords. This information is then reported to the intruders.

5. Dialers – They are programs installed in the system that will raise the telephone bill amount to thousands of dollars if affected. This gets installed like the virus (Trojan) or through other codes via attachments in the email or while downloading software. Once it gets installed it will charge lines even while the user isn’t visiting the pay-per-view site in the web. The charges vary from dollars to few pennies per minute.


What is the solution to the computer security threats?

Should we go for free spyware program and is there any risk factor involved?

We must consider certain factors prior to the installation of free download in the system from the internet, they are:

1. The software to remove the spyware must be very effective in its performance and all other spy programs against any harm.

2. The cleaners must be available in those programs so that any spyware when online is detected and destroyed. The free cleaner programs remove the existing spyware in your system. Such reliable ones must be installed.

The anti-virus definitions must be installed followed by the installation of spyware cleaner and removal programs. This will give you not as to whether all the spyware, adware and other malicious programs are deleted from the system. Regular scan can be done every week. All the incoming and outgoing emails must be scanned by the protection software.


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